Wall Decor Customer Reviews

Why Decorate With Wall Décor?

Wall décor is often used to decorate spaces and create uniqueness. Have you ever been in a room that had bare walls? Those rooms are usually not super inviting, are they? Wall decorations provide individualism,compliment the color scheme of the room, and add spice. The right décor reflects your personality and adds style to every room.

You know when you are running late and can't find your keys? We have stylish hooks that you can hang on your wall to hold those last minute necessities you need so you can focus on just getting out the door. Clocks are also a great wall décor that can be placed in your kitchen or above your work bench in the garage. These are only a few of the ways you can utilize wall décor to add character to your house and that also serve your needs. Make sure to check out our LED tape lights to add some additional mood to your room!

Different Types of Wall Décor

Wall décor can be used in any room and is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors!

Word Art

Word Art is available in a variety of fonts and styles. From funny quotes to aesthetic signs.


Figurines display a large variety of reptiles, fish, birds, and butterflies. For those who hunt and fish, check out the Bass and Mallard.

Sun Designs

Sun design wall décor is typically made from metal or copper. Some designs such as the Cairo Sun, display metal beads that mimic mosaic glass.


Botanical wall décor is a nice accent for those who love plants and gives the room an earthly feel. They are made primarily from metal but also available in framed pieces.


Gallery wall décor features metal art, wood, and fabric designs. These are great pieces to put in the bathroom or on an accent wall.


Looking for a hook to hang your dog leash or keys on? We got you covered!


When it comes to clocks, you can either chose from decorative wall clocks or table clocks, both made from metal, wood, or both.

Photo Frames

Looking for a frame to pin or hang memorable pictures on? Photo frames are trendy for displaying polaroid's of you and your best friends. Check out our clothespin board!