Thanksgiving is accompanied by a colorful and immersive atmosphere - Why not incorporate it into your home?

When it comes to the end-of-year holidays, Thanksgiving is the weird middle kid. Because of this, it’s potential for decorating tends to get overlooked. Continue reading on as we list a few ways you can give Turkey Day the festivity it deserves.


Best Thanksgiving Décor Ideas


Decorating with Garlands

After hearing the word “Thanksgiving”, There’s a good chance that images of autumn leaves and foliage fill your mind. This is exactly the look that can be achieved with Fall-themed Garlands. They look great and are extremely versatile when it comes to decorating.

Due to their light and flexible forms, Garlands can be worked into almost any area of your home. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Doorways
  • Railings
  • Kitchen counters
  • That kid’s table that you’ve spent far too many years sitting at


Orange Leaf Fall Garland
Add that extra spark of autumn to your home!





The cornucopia is a symbol of what Thanksgiving is truly all about:




Joking aside, Cornucopias are an iconic staple of the Thanksgiving season. Being colorful and easily customizable, they make an amazing centerpiece for any dining room or kitchen.  They also work perfectly alongside the other decorations we list in this blog.

Their prevalent usage of fruits and vegetables makes them one of the most edible holiday decorations out there. The other two being gingerbread houses and those eggs that show up on lawns after Halloween.


Candles with Harvest Décor


Lighting and Thanksgiving décor


String lights

String lights have become unanimously associated with Christmas, but not many consider utilizing them for their Thanksgiving decorations. Weaving warmer-toned string lights alongside a garland is a quick way to accentuate any fall scene.



We all love that warm feeling that comes with having our families over for Thanksgiving. Why not feel it twenty minutes before they even show up? 

Whether they’re on a shelf or at the center of a dinner table, candles ease themselves nicely into Thanksgiving décor. Many of them have scents that coincide well with the fall season, like apple or pumpkin pie. Utilizing warmer colored candles is also recommended, but these features aren’t just limited to your traditional candles.

If you’re looking for something more long term, you might be in the market for LED Candles. Not only do they prevent fumes, but they can last you for years when given routine battery changes. 


Turkey Thanksgiving Décor


Turkey Décor

Alright, be honest. You should've seen this coming.

All the big holidays are accompanied by some sort of iconic mascot. Christmas has Santa, Easter has its bunny, and Thanksgiving has our iconic, hand-traced bird. 

There’s a plethora of creative ways turkeys can be implemented in your Thanksgiving décor. Hand-made decorations such as the previously mentioned hand turkey are obvious American classics. And if you want another way for the spirit of food to come into play, you can always make a Turkey shaped charcuterie board (makes for an easier cleanup, in my opinion).



Thanksgiving comes during one of the most visually stunning times of the year. It’s associated with leaf piles, loved ones, and delicious food. So, if you’re going to end up in a turkey-induced coma, you might as well doze off while looking at some pretty lights and décor. ;)