Special Application Light Bulbs Customer Reviews

When you need your light bulbs to perform a specific task or function, look towards Special Application bulbs for a solution! These bulbs serve many purposes, from plant/aquarium bulbs to keep plants and fish looking healthy to traffic light bulbs for illuminating traffic signals on the roads you drive every day.

One common type of special application bulb is the black light. These are used for everything from setting the mood at a party to authenticating works of art or banknotes. Daylight/full spectrum bulbs are used to replicate natural light for better health during the long winter months. Bug lights shine bright yellow to ward away pesky bugs from your outdoor summer activities. One unusual looking special application bulb is the silver bowl light, which are seen in restaurants and kitchen overhead lights to provide softer illumination over tables and kitchen surfaces. Colored party bulbs help to create a festive atmosphere at parties or in holiday displays, and heat/infrared bulbs help to keep food warm in restaurants as well as provide warmth for baby animals or pet reptiles. Special application A-line bulbs include low voltage, three way, and rough service. There are even medical and germicidal bulbs used to fight harmful germs and bacteria and keep people healthy!

Whatever your specific lighting need is, you can count on finding the perfect bulb in our selection of Special Application light bulbs!