Residential Light Fixtures Customer Reviews

So you have your light bulbs picked out—but what about the light fixtures? In the residential setting, light fixtures are more than just light fixtures. With so many elegant and beautiful designs on the market today, light fixtures are another element of your home décor, and careful thought should go into their selection. We make it easy with our collection of residential light fixtures, and with so many options, you’re sure to find exactly what your home is missing on our site.

Ceiling fixtures are some of the most common light fixtures in a home. They provide all-over, general lighting, but just because they’re functional doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful! If you’re looking for a basic ceiling light fixture, start with flush mount and semi-flush mount fixtures. If illuminating a table or island is what you’re after, check out our pendants, mini-pendants, and track lighting options. Don’t forget about chandeliers—they’re perfect for adding a little drama to a plain living room, bedroom, or dining room. All of our residential light fixtures come in a variety of finishes and colors, including silver, gold, brass, black, nickel, chrome, bronze, white, and more. Ceiling fan lights serve the same purpose as ceiling fixtures, but with the added benefit of air circulation for a more comfortable living space. We also offer wall sconces for targeted lighting of hallways, bathrooms, living spaces, and more, as well as table lamps for convenient task lighting. Of course, we carry outdoor fixtures for both security and beauty outside the home, as well as under-cabinet lighting for additional lighting and a modern look in the kitchen.

Whatever your needs are, we have the light fixtures you need to both illuminate your home while adding beauty and style to any room.