Reflector Flood / Spot Light Bulbs Customer Reviews

Reflector flood and spotlight bulbs are some of the most commonly used bulbs in homes and businesses everywhere due to their versatility and long-life.

These bulbs are used in recessed can lighting, which has become a hugely popular lighting option in kitchens, living rooms, basements, retail stores, and more. Flood bulbs are perfect for use in can lighting as they emit a wide beam of light that provides general, all-over illumination to a room. These bulbs are also widely used in outdoor lighting systems, including porch and deck lights, security systems, and decorative spot lighting for garden/front of home illumination at night. Spotlights are better suited for these purposes since they emit a more focused beam of light that can precisely illuminate a home or object. Spotlights are also found in track lighting in homes, retail stores, restaurants and hotels, and are very useful for providing targeted light in kitchens, living rooms, etc. Spots and floods are also popular in dimming fixtures.

When it comes to reflector flood/spotlight bulbs, the choices may seem overwhelming. Generally, if the bulb you are replacing is lightweight, you’ll want to look towards the BR or R series to find your replacement. If your bulb is heaver and has a thick glass cover, check out the tougher, heavier PAR lamps might be just what you’re looking for. So don’t settle for anything less than quality, and get your flood/spot lights from