Outdoor LED Light Fixtures Customer Reviews

What Are Outdoor LED Fixtures?

Outdoor LED Fixtures are Light Fixtures mostly applicable to outside use. This could be for a number of reasons; like durability against weather conditions or widespread and expansive illumination. Though they generally apply to commercial usage, some Outdoor LED Fixtures are designed for primarily residential and aesthetic use, like LED Post Top Lights and LED Decorative Ceiling / Porch Lights.

Outdoor LED Fixtures are a staple in the lighting industry; there are many different kinds spanning nearly every possible usage.

LED Wall Packs

LED wall packs are outdoor lights that affix to the side of a building/structure. They are typically used in commercial applications, can come in different forms and may come with daylight and motion sensors. They can also be used to light up a single door entry/exit as fire safety codes require, or to light up a large area along a building (typically a parking lot).

Note: many city codes require these lights to be full cutoff – meaning no light can illuminate up beyond a 180° angle.

LED Area Light Fixtures

LED Area Light Fixtures are an option mostly used to illuminate large areas of open space, such as parking lots or sidewalks. These lights are generally used with safety and efficiency in mind.

LED Parking Garage / Canopy Light Fixtures

LED Parking Garage / Canopy Light Fixtures are generally used in... you guessed it... parking garages! They are commonly mounted directly to the ceiling and provide a nice overhead light. Canopy Light Fixtures can also be used in more outdoor applications, like front porches or alleyways with any sort of overhang that can function as a ceiling. LED Parking Garage / Canopy Light Fixtures are also extremely durable, and able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

LED Wall Sconces

LED Wall Sconces are one of the more aesthetic outdoor LED fixtures. They provide a beautiful ambiance to their surroundings and are generally used in more residential applications, but can still be used in commercial and industrial applications as well. From a flare of modern designer options to old fashioned lantern models, LED Wall Sconces can make any space pop with radiance.

LED Wall Sconces are generally applied to porches, decks and balconies.

LED Work Light Fixtures

LED Work Light Fixtures are used with a certain work function in mind. They are generally purchased for business and home construction applications, primarily used in warehouses and garages. They are often equipped with different helpful functions like magnetization and Bluetooth speakers.

LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

LED Vapor Tight Fixtures are equipped with a suitable amount of protection against water, humidity and ingress of other potentially harmful particles, and are thus used for applications where these things are more likely to occur, like general outdoor locations by an expansive body of water.

LED Security Lighting

LED Security Lighting is a form of lighting equipped with the necessary means to provide a sustainable amount of security and attention to the chosen area. LED Security Lighting most often includes a means to detect motion and/or intrusions within a certain surveillance parameter. The applications of LED Security Lighting are expansive, ranging from commercial to residential to militaristic to industrial options. This type of lighting is mostly successful at night and in dark places in need of further illumination.

LED Decorative Ceiling / Porch Lighting

LED Decorative Ceiling / Porch Lighting, like Wall Sconces, are a primarily residential type of lighting, but can find use in commercial and other applications. This type of lighting refers to different decorative and practical light fixtures for use in porches and other roofed outdoor areas. From simple, modern designs, to high quality lantern models, these lights add flare no matter where they're used.

LED Step Lights

You've got to wonder where LED Step Lights are used... Judging by the name, maybe it has something to do with steps? ;)

LED Step Lights are used for staircases and other applications where steps are present and in need of illumination. The point of using LED Step Lights is to illuminate the path in an effort to prevent hazardous and potentially dangerous obstacles from becoming a nuisance.

LED Post Top Lighting

LED Post Top Lighting is a type of lighting that refers to the fixture inserted into the top of a pole or post, generally used near roads, parking lots and other commercial applications. They usually take the shape of a lantern, globe or other modern design.