Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls Customer Reviews

Installing lighting controls is one of the easiest ways to save money and energy, at home or in the office. Admit it, even the best of us forget to turn off the lights sometimes! Our collection of lighting controls will help you make the most of your lighting without racking up your energy costs.

Lighting controls do the work for you, making it easy to adjust your lighting according to when you need it, and how much of it you need. Motion and occupancy sensors turn on lights when the room is occupied, and turn them off again after the room is empty for a period of time. They’re perfect for office setting where people come and go throughout the day. Dimmer switches can be used with many kinds of light bulbs, and help you save money by allowing you to lower the light output of your bulbs when needed. Dimmer switches are a great feature in any room of the home. Timers save energy by turning your lights on and off when you can’t be there (or when you forget!). They can also make your home appear occupied while you’re on vacation or away for the night. Light switches make it easy to control your lights, and we have several different styles to fit every application. Day/night sensors help your lights adjust to the natural daylight streaming into your home or office, and in turn helps you save on energy costs month after month. And once you decide which lighting controls are right for you, check out our selection of sockets, wiring devices and testers and meters for easy installation and upkeep.

Whatever your need, lighting controls from can help you make the most of your lighting at a lower cost!