Lighted Letters Customer Reviews

Our wildly popular collection of lighted letters, numbers, symbols and signs is more than just a trend—they’re becoming fixtures in homes and businesses alike. With so many styling options and endlessly customizable options, join in the alphabet action.

Types of Lighted Letters

There are many styles of letters and word signs to choose from. Our stand-alone letters come in metal, plastic, or wood, and in a mix of colors.

Most of our letters and signs use LED technology and are battery-operated. Some of these battery-operated signs (like our Gerson Family sign) are compatible with adapters so the sign can be plugged in. When you do need batteries, you can shop our wide selection of batteries.

The stand-alone letters are mostly marquee style. This mimics the design of a movie theater entrance sign with multiple small bulbs along the edges.

We also have tube lighting on some words and signs. This mimics the style of neon without having as harsh of an appearance.

Decorating with Lighted Letters

There are almost endless possibilities to decorating with lighted letters. Use one letter from your name to decorate your nightstand, or initials of your business at the front desk. Represent your state with its 2-letter abbreviation, or use a symbol to add random decor to your space.

Lots of our signs look great in a bar - whether that’s an open-for-business bar or your basement. Word signs are also commonly seen at weddings, graduations, and other big celebrations.

Other word art signs can have a similar look without lights. For that style, browse our selection of wall decor.