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When you walk into a friend’s house, the décor is almost always the first thing you notice. Home décor says a lot about a person as it is inspired by their personality and creativity. This year you can enhance your style with beautiful lighted branches that are uniquely suited for your home.

Lighted branches are typically around 2-4 feet long and are formable into many different shapes. For instance, if one of our willow vines is going to be hung in an archway it can easily be bent around the shape of the arch. This feature makes them easy and fun to decorate with as well as flexible in their applications.

There are many great qualities to lighted branches that make it hard to pick just one! With several different sizes and styles of lighted branches to choose from, be sure to check out our full selection.

Types of LED Lighted Branches

We offer several different types of light branches that will be perfect for any space of your choosing!


Battery operated lighted branches are perfect for vases and can be used in the popular potted plant look. They can be moved to any place in the house without concern of where the nearest outlet is. In addition, the battery packs can be easily concealed without any unattractive cords in the way. Many of our branches can be used with an electric adaptor if a plug-in option is desired.


With plug-in lighted branches all you have to do is plug it into a wall socket or power strip and you’re done! Easy to operate and quick installation makes it easy to understand why this is a popular option for many people. If you are worried about the cords showing simply wrap or secure it at the base of the branch to the desired length to reach the socket.


It’s so easy to forget to turn on or off your beautiful lighted branches and they can either end up being useless or costing you a fortune in electricity bills! Avoid the hassle this year by looking into our lighted branches with timers. Automatic timers can be set to turn on the branches at the same time every day and turn off within a certain amount of time for energy savings.

Lighted Branches Decorating Ideas

Lighted branches are not only beautiful, but they are versatile as well! There are many ways to decorate with them and most of them can be adjusted into the ideal position for the space.

For a woodsy nature feel we offer several willow branches and smaller twig sizes. Most of them come in brown colors and some of them are white which makes them perfect for weddings or holiday seasons. These branches look amazing in vases or either a statement floor décor piece or for a tabletop centerpiece.

Many of our lighted branches come with blossoms like rose and orchid. These look lovely during the spring and summer months especially for events like graduations and weddings. If you don’t like the flowered options we offer, we do have a wide selection of artificial flowers and floral arrangements These can be used with lighted willow branches to create your own unique décor piece.

Some unique pieces we offer can even be used as wall or hanging décor! Willow vines look amazing around an archway and they can brighten up any wall. There are also branches that are designed to hang from the ceiling for a chandelier topiary effect. Hung in a group or alone, they are sure to be an attraction!