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How to Dispose of Light Bulbs

Recycling is important, and when your bulb burns out we highly recommend contacting your local municipality for any recycling requirements as they vary from state to state and county to county. If you need assistance, we can help as we do offer national recycling solutions if needed.

LED Light Bulbs

Save money and time by simply switching to LED. They last ten times longer and use a fraction of the energy of a traditional incandescent bulb. They can replace almost all forms of incandescent, halogen, and HIDs.

LEDs also come in all the color temperatures you are used to, so you don't have to sacrifice appearance for efficiency.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs and tubes are still a common solution for economical lighting. We carry all types of fluorescent lighting, including tubes, plug-ins and screw-ins that come in various color temperatures.

Whether you want warm white or daylight, pars or tubes, T5, T8 or T12, you can find a variety of fluorescent bulbs here. We also offer ballasts for your tubes, as well.

Halogen Light Bulbs

We are a one stop location for all your halogen needs. We carry all base types and bulb shapes: MR16, Par, GU-24 base, MR11 just to name a few.

Halogen bulbs may also be called: xenon, quarts, EXT, EXN, or krypton. These are used in landscape lighting, residential, and commercial lighting for many applications, as well as used in lighthouses.

Black Light Bulbs

There are two different kinds of black lights. A black light-blue bulb keeps almost all visible light inside the bulb so only a slight purple glow is emitted. The rest of what the bulb emits is ultraviolet light, which makes fluorescent colors glow but does not produce much visible light.

A true black light emits more visible light than a black light-blue bulb. However, the light emitted is bluer instead of purple. Typical applications are restaurants and grocery stores as part of insect protection.

Antique Light Bulbs

Antique bulbs are great for a vintage look in businesses or homes. Known for a warm glow, these thin-wire filaments create a nostalgic look. Antique light bulbs come in traditional Edison style incandescent or long-lasting LED look-alikes.

Miniature / Automotive Light Bulbs

Replacement light bulb selection guide for all automotive light bulbs. Enter your year, make and model for all applicable light bulbs. Headlights, taillights, blinkers, and indicator lights for manufacturing equipment are just a few of what we have to offer.

Projector Light Bulbs

Replacement light bulb guide for all projector light bulbs. Enter your ANSI code or bulb model number to find the replacement you are looking for. We carry a variety of bulbs, from older technology to newer brand names such as Sony, Toshiba, Dell, and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement for your DLP or LCD projector, we have what you’re looking for!

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