What Are LED Tape Lights?

LED Tape Lights are illuminable adhesive strips that have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and convenience, as well as sheer beauty. LED Tape Lights, also sometimes called LED Strip Lights, are also highly customizable, making them a great fit for any application. Most sets are controlled by a remote with multiple color options, (some advanced models contain a color wheel and dimming options as well). We sell full kits with everything needed included, as well as individual pieces of strips and remotes for those who seek to build their own setup.

Where do I use LED Tape Lights?

LED Tape Lights have quite a vast array of applications due to their versatility and extensive customizability. They are often used as different highlights throughout a modern home, such as for TV backlighting, under counters and around doorframes. They can also be used for holidays that are associated with vibrant colors, such as Christmas and Halloween. LED Tape Lights make a great substitute for traditional Christmas lights, or can provide a spooky ambiance for Halloween season.

Types of LED Tape Light Products

As mentioned previously, we host a wide selection of individual LED Tape Light accessories, which include the following:

Drivers and Receivers

Drivers are used to power your LED Tape Light system. We have a wide variety of drivers, with a vast range of wattage maximums. Receivers can be used with your LED Tape Light system when trying to connect a remote or any Wifi accessories to your system.


Our collection of strips offer single color, color changeable, dimmable and even waterproof strips for your LED Tape Light collection.


Remotes are used to remotely control your LED Tape Light system. We offer a wide collection of different remotes, providing the greatest customizable possibilities. Our remotes can either be used in a handheld manner, or mounted directly to the wall.


LED Tape Light systems are highly attractive to the general public for many reasons, one of the main ones being their customizability and versatility. We take this a step further by offering a wide listing of accessories that can be applied to your LED Tape Light system. Our collection of accessories includes extenders, extrusions, and step grips, just to name a few.


When building and overseeing an entire system yourself seems like a pain, there are always kits to simplify things. We offer many kits, all providing a unique LED Tape Light experience.