LED Straight Tubes (Fluorescent Replacements) Customer Reviews

What Are LED Straight Tubes?

LED Tubes are more efficient equivalents to the commonly known Fluorescent Tubes. They come in a vast array of sizes, models, and color temperatures. The main thing that sets these apart from Fluorescents is their use light emitting diodes or "LED" Technology to light up. They also possess the ability to function without a ballast, something Fluorescents can't do. Of course, many fixtures have ballasts built in. This is why there are several types of LED tubes that work alongside the existing ballast or bypass it all together.

Some of the most common places you'll find LED straight tubes are offices, warehouses, and retail stores.

What is an LED Retrofit?

LED Retrofits act as replacements for Incandescent, Fluorescent, and Halogen Lights. They serve the exact same purpose while using a fraction of the power. LED Retrofits also tend to last much longer than their less efficient counterparts.

What are the Different Types of LED Straight Tubes?

The types of LED Tubes are divided into three different categories based on their size. The number after the "T" indicates how many eighths of an inch the tube is in diameter.

T5 LED Straight Tubes

T5 tubes are the smallest of the LED Tubes. They're used in many office fixtures, along with aquariums.

T8 LED Straight Tubes

T8 are the most common out of the three types and come in a vast array of different lengths. They are most commonly seen in retail and healthcare settings.

T12 LED Straight Tubes

T12 are the largest of the LED Tubes and can be easily found in larger areas like Warehouses or subway stations.