LED Straight T8 Tubes (Fluorescent Replacements) Customer Reviews

What is a T8 LED Tube?

A T8 LED tube is a cylindrical lighting product, often hosting a single-pin, bi-pin, or recessed bi-pin base. An ideal replacement for fluorescent T8s, a tube’s power input type indicates the usage of the bulb. T8 LEDs take on the form factor of a traditional fluorescent tube and combine that with the benefit of the LEDs energy and cost savings.

Types of LED Tubes

The three types of LED tubes are T5, T8 and T12. The numeric value displayed after the T refers to eighths of an inch in diameter. In this case, a T8 is exactly one inch in diameter, whereas a T5 will measure five-eighths (0.625) of an inch in diameter. Though the diameter is consistent throughout all T8s, the length can vary depending on your application of the bulb.

Different Power Input Types and What They Mean

The four main types of power input devices are ballast bypass, ballast compatible, external driver, and dual technology. The power input determines where the bulb can be used.

Ballast Compatible

These lamps are a direct replacement for fluorescent lamps. Ballast compatible tubes can also be defined as plug-n-play; you simply plug the tube into the fixture without anymore unwanted hassle. Validate the compatibility between the tube and the ballast before installation.

Ballast Bypass

The removal of the ballast is a prerequisite to installing ballast bypass LED bulbs in the fixture. These lamps, also known as direct wire, are a sufficient option when updating an entire fixture to LED. There are two different types of ballast bypass wiring options; some tubes can be wired on a single end, other tubes can have double ended wiring.

External Driver

Instead of depending on an internal power source or ballast, LED tubes with external drivers draw their energy from the driver itself. Consideration of space taken up by an external driver is recommended before installation.

Dual Technology

LED tubes branded with dual technology can be used in either ballast compatible or ballast bypass applications. It replaces conventional linear fluorescent tubes by allowing compatibility with fixtures that work with or without ballasts.

Where Are LED Tubes Used?

Businesses often have fluorescent fixtures they want to improve by graduating onto LED technology. LED tubes can be spotted and are used in troffers, as well as high bays and low bays. These are a popular choice and can be found in offices, warehouses, schools, and other urban establishments.

How Are LED Tubes Installed?

The installation of the LED tube is variable, highly dependent on the power input type. Fitting a ballast compatible tube into a fixture is a less taxing process than most other options, since it is basically a one step process.