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Brite Star 60 Light 10' White Wire Crystal White LED Icicle Light String
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LED Icicle Lights vs. Incandescent

Everybody knows that Christmas lights are the best way to impress your neighbors or customers during the holidays, and LED icicle lights are one of the best options for doing so. One of the reasons is that LED lights have different actions like steady burn and twinkling, whereas incandescent lights can usually only use steady burn. While incandescent lights tend to only be one bulb shape, LED icicle lights have the option of either sticking to the more traditional M5 shape or using a wide angle bulb that spreads the light further in each direction.

One of the biggest differences between incandescent and LEDs is that LED icicle lights typically run on less watts while maintaining the same brightness, making them more energy efficient. This is a huge benefit, especially for displays that use more lights than others. LED lights are also known for their lifetime which means less money and time shopping for replacements.. Also contrary to incandescent lights, LED lights can connect up to 40 strands at a time making them perfect for larger outdoor displays.

Types of Icicle Lights

As with all our string lights, there are quite a variety of icicle string light styles to choose from. Different from some other styles of string lights, icicle lights have different functions in addition to the variations of color and length to choose from. This allows you to create highly customized decor indoors or outdoors. One popular use for icicle lights is hanging them off gutters or the edges of roofs for the holiday season. This is a great look to leave up all season long, or if you don’t celebrate specific holidays but still want to brighten up your home during the long winter. If you want to create an outdoor display, be sure to check that the string sets you like are safe for outdoor use.

To create a similar look inside, icicle lights can be hung from open doorways and over windows. Though less common, icicle lights can also be used on trees and basically anywhere else you’d expect to see traditional Christmas lights. One benefit to using icicle lights on a tree is the lights are naturally staggered on the string, so it takes less effort to create an evenly lit tree.


We offer a wide selection of colors to choose from with icicle string light sets. To create a solid and somewhat natural icicle look, use a string set with one color of lights. If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, choose from vibrant colors alone or paired together, the traditional multi-color set, and even color changing string sets.


String lights with action capabilities can be even more eye-catching than the traditional steady burn. Once a string light set is turned on, a steady burn string set will continuously emit the light’s colors, much like common light bulbs do. A twinkling light set, on the other hand, turns the light on and off to create a shimmering effect. Multi-function string lights combine various styles of lights into one string set. These are more specialized, so each multi-function string has different capabilities. Multi-function string lights are nice because you can set various moods all in one display.

How to Hang LED Icicle Lights for Christmas Decoration

LED icicle lights are versatile in their applications so decorating for the Christmas season is a breeze! The lights can be hung from awnings, porches, railings, doorways and more. They can also be used for indoor applications like behind curtains for an atmospheric glow or hung from rafters. Whether you want the lights indoors, outdoors or both, we offer different mounting for each place.