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Over the past decade, LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has been at the forefront of the lighting industry. Aside from being extremely lost lasting, these bulbs can operate at a fraction of the energy usage as its incandescent, HID and even fluorescent counterparts. For years, LED technology existed, but was cost-prohibitive to consumers. Finally, LED lighting is affordable and the flaws/kinks are worked out to provide some of the most stunning light solutions ever.

Sure, they last a very long time and save energy, but what is the most exciting with LED technology is how it can be very easily integrated into “SmartHome” situations; many LEDs come with their own systems or can be easily integrated into current systems that control lighting, sound, thermostat, etc...

At LightBulbs.com, we focus heavily on providing an incredible selection of LED bulbs, LED Tubes (these replace the common office/warehouse fluorescent tubes), LED Retrofit Bulbs (specific bulbs manufactured to replace a particular incandescent, HID, CFL or fluorescent bulb) as well as Retrofit Kits and even entire LED fixtures themselves.

LED isn't going anywhere but up, so if you are looking to improve lighting in your home or work environment, and would like to save energy while doing so, look no further!

There are lots of reasons why we are the highest rated online retailer for buying LED light bulbs / lighting -- check out some recent third-party reviews: