Yard Decorations - Lawn & Garden Decorations Customer Reviews

Decorating your yard and garden is a fun way to bring your personality outdoors. Add decor to flower beds, or use our yard decorations as the focal point of your lawn.

Types of Outdoor Decor

Outdoor decor is a great way to personalize your yard or garden. You can enjoy functional benefits—such as lanterns, decorative planters, and bird feeders—or treat your eyes and ears to wind chimes and spinners. Populate your garden with creative garden stakes and figurines that fit your style.

Hanging/Wind Ornaments

Wind chimes are a classic go-to for yard decor since they are enjoyable to listen to as well as look at. Hanging bells and decorative chains can be hung the same way as wind chimes to create a fun visual when the wind blows.

Wind spinners are a popular choice. Whether spinning or still, they are beautifully designed, and when the wind picks up they create a mesmerizing display. These spinners create different shapes, or even look like familiar objects such as a windmill or even a flower.

If you like to entertain with fires in the summertime, be sure to check out our selection of garden lanterns. Garden lanterns should be weather safe, but you can also use some other lanterns as long as you remember to bring them inside after use.

Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are a fun way to add your personal style or hobbies into your yard and garden. Choose figurines and garden stakes from a variety of mushrooms and gnomes, to angels, and animals getting into trouble.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a must have for any patio or deck when you want to eat outside or simply relax in the great outdoors. Choose from stools, benches, or chairs to elevate your space. Pair with decorative pillows for a fun touch - just be sure to take the pillows inside when you’re done using them.

How to Protect Your Lawn Ornaments

Protecting lawn ornaments and other outdoor decor depends on what material the piece is made of, and sometimes the climate where you live. If you live somewhere that gets snow over the winter, it is always a good idea to bring all lawn decorations indoors before the first frost.

Stone and iron are perhaps the most notoriously difficult to keep looking clean and new. For proper maintenance of a stone bird bath, for example, drain every drop of water before the first time the temperature gets below freezing, or (for even better preservation) bring it inside. To prevent rust in iron decorations, do your best to keep the decoration dry.

Decorative lawn ornaments with glass may need to be brought inside before big storms. This is at your discretion, based on how much glass is used and where the decoration is displayed. For example, a garden stake pushed firmly into the ground is more protected from high winds and hail than a hanging glass light.

Some of our decorations may look like concrete or copper, but are actually made from magnesium oxide. Most of these are bird baths, planters, or figurines. Our selection of products with these materials are already protected from the elements, so there is nothing you need to do to care for your decoration.

Yard Decoration Ideas

Just like decorating anywhere else, decorating your yard is entirely up to your tastes. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest and housekeeping publications are good places to brainstorm. Here are some ideas to get your space started.

Lawn and Garden Decoration Ideas

A lot of people enjoy our assortment of figurines. We have the traditional gnome and fairy garden decorations, as well as a variety of animals: birds (both big and small), quirky frogs, buggy-eyed bugs, and much more! For a look that will blend in a bit more with its surroundings, try a stone-colored figure.

Functional products can be decorative as well. Choose a hanging lantern to add light to night time entertaining, or a bird feeder that brings a fairy and the birds into your yard.

Patio and Deck Decoration Ideas

Unlike the lawn portion of your yard, a patio or deck does not have a permeable surface. Decorate with products that sit well on a flat surface and do not need to be stuck into the ground.

Planters bring a touch of the beauty of flowers from throughout your yard onto your deck. If you want your patio to be an area you can relax and enjoy nice weather or entertain guests, be sure to check out our selection of outdoor furniture. Hang wind chimes and lanterns from the eaves of your house if your patio is up against a wall.

Apartment Balcony Decoration Ideas

Since you’re likely working with a small space in an apartment balcony, hanging decor—such as hanging lanterns and wind chimes—is a great option. Create a natural backyard feel with a planter or a bird feeder.