Indoor LED Light Fixtures Customer Reviews

LED High/Low Bays

LED high bay fixtures are primarily used for spaces with high ceilings that range from 20’ to 45’ high. They’re very common in large retail stores and are used in almost all warehouse applications. These fixtures usually produce a higher light output and can easily replace all sizes of HIDs at a fraction of the cost.

LED low bays are used for low ceiling applications that range from 20’ and under. These fixtures are often seen in small warehouses, workshops, and retail applications. Sometimes they can even be found in homes in spaces where extra light is required. Most of our low bays are offered with a diffused lens to help with any glare from the lower application.

LED Flat Panels

Flat panels are some of the thinnest LED fixtures on the market and they look great in different professional locations like offices, commercial facilities, warehouses, and schools. They come in many common grid sizes like 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4.

There are also two distinct options for flat panel design, edge-lit or direct-lit. The difference between them is where the light source is located on the panel. You can find direct-lit panels light source at the back of the fixture and the light source can only be seen when the fixture isn’t mounted. Because of this, these panels are usually a few inches thicker than others. Edge-lit panels have their light source in the housing around the fixture. This allows them to be much thinner and easier to install.

LED Vapor Tights

LED vapor tight lights are sturdy fixtures and often used in stairways, car washes, and parking garages. The varying mounting types also make them easy to install wherever they may be needed. As an added feature they can be controlled with occupancy/vacancy sensors. They also have the benefit of being waterproof and dustproof which can give them a longer lifespan than other fixtures.

LED Strips

One of the most popular fixtures that we offer is our LED strip lights and it’s not hard to see why. With different types of strip fixtures such as lamp ready and retrofit kits, you can be sure of finding what you are looking for. When it comes to mounting we offer several accessories to help you with installing your strip fixture. Because of their small width LED strips are ideal for narrow applications where there may not be the space for a wider fixture. These fixtures can be seen in the aisles of warehouses and storage facilities as well as different retail applications.

LED Downlights (New Construction / Remodel)

An LED remodel downlight is a fixture that is designed for being retrofitted into an existing space in the home, such as an accent area or a room that needs additional illumination. For these fixtures, the housing is placed into a pre-cut opening in the ceiling and pushed in until the metal clips reach the top surface of the ceiling. These fixtures are easy to install and can be installed after the home has been built eliminating the stress of buying them beforehand.

The LED new construction downlights are a bit harder to install but they give long-lasting results. Before the ceiling drywall is installed the fixtures are nailed or screwed to the ceiling joists. This makes them more sturdy than other downlights. An added benefit with these fixtures is there tends to be more styles and colors of trim available to fit your needs.

LED Downlights (Surface / Flush Mount)

For a sleek and professional look, surface and flush-mounted LED downlights are some of the best affordable options on the market. They can easily fit into any application and look amazing in any space. Surface-mounted fixtures can be installed on any flat ceiling surface and usually protrude slightly for a rounded look. Flush mounted downlights are flush with the ceiling for subtle lighting in accent areas of the home. Both styles come in all shapes and sizes and we have several trim options to match your home décor.

LED Troffers

A troffer light fixture is generally manufactured to contain LED tubes and fluorescent lamps. LED troffers are most commonly used in a drop ceiling and in a commercial/office environment, and other large facilities such as scholastic centers and laboratories. They are dimmable and offer options like daylight harvesting and motion sensing/vacancy sensing.

LED Wraparounds

LED wraparound fixtures are pre-wired and designed to carry LED tubes. They feature a lens that masks the lamps in a way that evenly distributes light ubiquitously. Some LED wraparound fixtures have a decoratively aesthetic appearance, making them a perfect fit for most residential applications, whereas some LED wraparound fixtures have a sleeker, more industrial design which garners a more business-oriented approach.

LED Refrigerator/Freeze Cases

Refrigerator/freeze case retrofits are the interior light displayed on the inside of a refrigerating device. Due to high color rendering indexes (CRI), our retrofits showcase stored items with extreme color vibrancy to accent the lusciousness of various edibles, as well as accurately represent them under artificial light.

These retrofits come equipped with the latest LED technology, and are available for new installations as well as retrofitting uses. Refrigerator/freeze case retrofits come in a variety of sizes and ensure a perfect fit for nearly any application, including household and commercial refrigerators, freezers and coolers. All of these retrofits are suitable for cold and damp locations.

LED Ceiling Fans

The concept of a ceiling fan is self-explanatory; a fan with spinning blades mounted to the ceiling - stimulating the surrounding air, cooling it down and spreading it throughout the living space. With our ceiling fans, not only can you regulate the air temperature, but you can also illuminate the area with the built-in modern technology of LED lights. Our selection offers a variety of options, with an assortment of unique finishes and fans ranging from 2 blades to 6 blades.

LED Wall Sconces

Most common in (but not limited to) residential facilities, wall sconce light fixtures are a type of lighting product wherein the fixture is mounted to a wall, generally with the light source affixed vertically. Aesthetics are a defining factor for wall sconces as the potential for design is practically limitless, and our selection offers a variety of designs - ensuring a fit for nearly any accommodation. Some of the characteristics of our various sconces include bubble glass shades, dimming crystal glass, aquamarine lighting inserts, as well as dimming capabilities throughout a large quantity of our product.

LED Track

Track lighting is an illumination method that entails the mounting of an individual light onto a continuous track conduiting an electrical current. Track light fixtures are commonly used in galleries and display-oriented areas, due to the aiming variability of each individually attached lamp and the generally linear beam angle. There are many surface mounting options for track lights, such as ceilings, walls, beams, and rafters.