HID Light Bulbs Customer Reviews

High Intensity Discharge light bulbs (HID) are commonly used to illuminate large and hard to reach areas like warehouses, parking lots, streetlamps, stadiums and arenas, gymnasiums, and more. These large, unusual looking bulbs are powered by the gases within, making them a powerful and long-lasting choice.

Metal Halide bulbs are the newest option, and they offer the highest quality of light among HID options. Other popular types of HID bulbs include mercury vapor, low pressure sodium, and high pressure sodium. Mercury vapor lamps were the first kind of HID light available. Metal halide is currently the top choice for places where normal color appearance is important, like on TV/movie filming sets, stadiums and sports fields, and aquarium lighting. These bulbs give off the most pure, white light out of the four HID options we carry. The most efficient type of HID light is the low-pressure sodium lamp, and they are commonly used in photography. High-pressure sodium bulbs produce a much whiter light than low-pressure sodium, but are less efficient. Much like fluorescent tubes, HID bulbs require a ballast in order to work.

So if you’re tasked with lighting a warehouse, stadium, parking lot, or anywhere that requires a very large amount of light, HID bulbs are likely the best option. Check out our complete selection of HID lamps and ballasts and get started on your project today!