Halogen Light Bulbs Customer Reviews

An alternative to traditional incandescent lighting, halogen light bulbs come in every size and shape imaginable, and provide a more energy-efficient lighting choice for home and business owners everywhere.

Some of the most popular versions of flood lights are made with halogen technology, and you’ll likely find halogen PAR floods in track lighting in retail stores and supermarkets. Halogen bulbs last longer than incandescents, so they are a popular choice for anyone looking for low maintenance lighting. The MR shape is another hugely popular and widely used halogen bulb, and they’re commonly found in track lighting, recessed lighting, desk and table lamps, projectors, and dozens of other places. Halogen bulbs also come in the traditional A-line shape, and they’re meant to work in the fixtures you likely already have at home like lamps, ceiling fans and mounted fixtures. Halogen decorative bulbs are also meant to replace incandescent candelabra bulbs in chandeliers and other common light fixtures. BR bulbs are commonly used in household recessed lighting. Since halogen is such a popular choice in lighting, you can also find shapes like tubular, miniature/automotive, BT15, and AR bulbs for whatever your application. These bulbs come in the color temperatures you want and the shapes you need so you’ll never be left in the dark.

Whether you’re just shopping for replacement bulbs or considering a switch to halogen technology, you’re sure to find what you need in LightBulbs.com’s selection.