Globe LED Light Bulbs Customer Reviews

What Is an LED Globe Light Bulb?

Globe shaped bulbs are recognized by their larger sphere-like shape, and they are often used in decorative applications. They can easily add charm and style to different spaces as well as being brighter for practical uses. Although LED globes can be used with enclosed fixtures, they are most often used with non-enclosed fixtures for an artistic vintage touch.

Types of LED Globe Light Bulbs

The many types of LED globe lights can all be differentiated by their diameter and base. However, there are a few types that are more commonly seen in households than others.


The G14 bulb is the smallest of the globes with a diameter of 1.75” and because of that, it is popular for use in chandeliers and scoreboards.


G16 and G16.5 globes are also used for many of the same applications as G14 bulbs, but because of their diameter of 2”-2.5” they can be used in ceiling fans and ceiling fixtures as well.

G25 and G30

G25 and G30 bulbs are most often seen in bathroom vanities, ceiling fans, and ceiling lights. With a diameter of 3.1", these bulbs are probably the first ones that come to mind when thinking of globe light bulbs.


G40 globes are larger measuring 5” in diameter. Because of their size, they are perfect for use in G40 and open fixtures. They can be used in enclosed fixtures, but they are primarily designed for decorative fixtures.

Where to Use LED Globe Light Bulbs

LED globe light bulbs are multi-functional and perfect for many decorative and practical locations. One of the applications you can most commonly find them are hanging as pendants over a kitchen island or dining room table. They are also beautiful in open fixtures where they can be partially seen as a statement piece. One of the most classic ways globes can be used is for illumination for vanity mirrors.

You can also try our decorative antique globes with filaments and amber tint finishes. These vintage bulbs are commonly seen in restaurants for an atmospheric look. Our filament bulbs are perfect for patio string lights that are an especially beautiful addition to wedding decor . We also carry frosted and clear globes that can be used in various household applications.

What Are the Differences Between LED Globe Light Bulbs?

Similar to A-shaped and flood light bulbs, LED globe light bulbs are differentiated by diameter and design. The diameter can be measured with the number code by referring to it as 1/8”. Using a G25 bulb as an example, the number 25 would represent 25 eighths of an inch, which would mean that the diameter of the bulb is 3.1”.

Different base types are also helpful to know as they affect the bulb’s applications. Bases use number codes as well and can be measured like bulb sizes. Most bases are measured by referring to the number codes as millimeters. So, for instance, the E17 intermediate base would be 17 millimeters which would equal 0.67 inches.