Fluorescent Tubes Customer Reviews

Fluorescent tubes are the most popular and common type of lighting in places you probably frequent every day—your office, the grocery store, large retail stores, warehouses…even at home in basements and garages. Fluorescent lighting is economical and efficient for spaces that need a lot of long-lasting, quality lighting, but without breaking the bank. Fluorescent tubes also come in several different color temperatures so you’re certain to find the right lighting for your space.

Straight tubes are the most common type of fluorescent tube, and there are many different sizes of straight tubes to fit all types of fixtures. We carry several, ranging from T2 to the popular T8 all the way up to T17. U-Shaped fluorescent tubes are another common choice in fluorescent lighting, and we have every size. Circular (circline) tubes are another popular option for fixtures in many applications, and our ion includes T4, T5, T6 and T9 sizes. We also stock white, blue and pink cold cathode bulbs. After you’ve chosen the perfect fluorescent tubes for your fixtures, you’ll want to check out tube guards and tube guard caps for added functionality. We have many different sizes and colors of tube guards, including yellow, clear, blue, pink, green, smoke and purple. Tube guards prevent bulbs from breaking, and can also be used to impart a different color into the room your bulbs will be used in.

So if you’re in charge of lighting a large space like an office, warehouse or store, or you’re just looking to improve the lighting in your own home, fluorescent tubes could be the perfect solution.