Flocked Christmas Trees Customer Reviews

What Is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

The word flocked refers to a dust or powder that gives the Christmas tree a classic snow-covered look. Flocking is typically made with three ingredients: paper pulp as fiber, corn starch as adhesive, a boron as flame retardant which is another benefit to flocked trees. The process of covering the tree with the fake snow allows for a wide range of effects, from delicately frosted tips to heavily laden branches.

Flocked trees have been around since the late 1950s, and it’s easy to see why. Snow is an essential part of the holiday season and flocked trees celebrate that without the cold. They are a beautiful addition to the holidays as they bring in the outdoors creating a picture perfect winter wonderland in your living room.

Light strands look beautiful on these trees because the artificial snow softens the light creating a glow that cannot be found on other tree types. Many of our flocked trees are pre-lit with LED light strands, with colors ranging from warm white to multi-color. We also offer a variety of different heights, so you can fit a tree in any room!

How Long Do Flocked Christmas Trees Last?

Artificial flocked trees are a great way to go if you are looking for cost savings this holiday season. When stored properly with no humidity, these trees can last longer than ten years! No need to purchase a brand new tree every Christmas.

Note: Most of the Vickerman flocked trees that we offer are under a ten year warranty for construction and a three year warranty for the lights on the pre-lit trees.

Do Flocked Christmas Trees Shed?

When initially getting the tree out of storage, there may be some light shedding as well as when the tree is being adjusted. However the pieces that fall off can be easily cleaned up by vacuum or broom. If you need any tips on setting up your tree, our Vickerman brand products have instructional videos that are easy to follow.

The best way to store these trees is usually in an upright position covered with either plastic or fabric. They can be kept in a box but there may be more shedding when getting it out. Whichever way it’s stored, it needs to be covered and protected from dust that might change the look of your tree.

Are Flocked Trees Safe for Pets?

The flocking is not safe for pets and can cause irritation if ingested in large quantities. If your pet is going to be in a place near the tree or has a habit of playing with it, flocked Christmas trees might not be a good option for you.

Check out our selection of traditional Christmas trees to find realistic artificial options without flocking.

Products to Decorate Your Flocked Tree

Flocked Christmas trees can be decorated just like other trees and the white snow sets off brightly colored ornaments perfectly. We offer many different ornament types and colors from diamond and finial to the traditional ball shape.

A favorite way to decorate these trees is with ribbon looped and swirled through the branches. For a vintage look bubble lights are a lovely addition with a candle like glow against the white. A tree is never complete without a topper, and with our selection you will be sure to find the perfect one.