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Action Lighting Flame F15 Medium Screw Base Red LED
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Action Lighting Flame F15 Medium Screw Base Green LED
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Action Lighting Flame F15 Medium Screw Base Purple LED
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Action Lighting 0.4 watt 120 volt F15 Medium Screw Base 2700K Warm White LED
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Action Lighting Flame F15 Medium Screw Base Yellow LED
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What is a Flame Shaped LED Light Bulb?

A flame shaped LED light bulb is a decorative light source that is identified by its etched finish that gives the appearance of a flickering candle flame. They are attractive in many applications and with different types to choose from you can be sure of finding the right light bulb for your needs.

Types of Flame Shaped LED Light Bulbs

Similar to A-shaped and flood light bulbs, LED flame shaped light bulbs are differentiated by diameter and design. The diameter can be measured with the number code by referring to it as 1/8”. Using an F11 bulb as an example, the number 11 would represent 11 eighths of an inch, which would mean that the diameter of the bulb is 1.4”.

Different base types are also helpful to know as they affect the bulb’s applications. Bases use number codes as well and can be measured like bulb sizes. Most bases are measured by referring to the number codes as millimeters. So, for instance, the E12 candelabra screw base would be 12 millimeters which would equal 0.5 inches.

Where to Use Flame Shaped LED Light Bulbs

These bulbs are primarily used in chandeliers or ceiling fans but can also be seen in lamps and other ornamental applications. These bulbs tend to have a higher light output than other decorative bulbs which makes them better for being the main light source in a room. The lower wattage also makes them energy efficient as well as decorative.

You can also try our antique flame shaped LED bulbs with filaments and amber tint finishes. These vintage bulbs are commonly seen in restaurants for an atmospheric look. Our filament bulbs are perfect for patio string lights that are an especially beautiful addition to wedding decor. They can also be often seen in holiday decor such as lanterns and candelabras.

We also carry clear and white bulbs that can be used in various household applications. While our incandescent flame shaped bulbs can have finishes such as iridescent and auradescent, you can’t typically find that in LED flame shaped bulbs. We do carry colored bulbs that are also a great addition to party or event decor. We carry vibrant colors such as red and green that can add ambiance to any space.