Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Energy solutions focus on the conservation and proficiency of energy usage, providing a solution to wasteful and inefficient energy usage. This can include a number of different aspects of society – from vehicles and transportation to general home applications of energy like charging cables.

EV Charging

EVs, or Electric Vehicles, are becoming increasingly more popular in a society becoming more and more aware of its own energy consumption. Electric vehicles run off charged batteries and entirely eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels in the vehicular industry.

What Are EV Chargers?

EV Chargers are standalone charging units that attach to an electric vehicle to charge the battery from which it operates. They are available in both commercial and residential forms. If you purchase an electric vehicle, you’ll certainly want to purchase a residential charger for your home.


We offer many different electrical appliances specializing in residential applications. Since the 1870s, electrical appliances have been available for the average homeowner to implement into their homes, beginning with the light bulb. Now, the implementation of electricity into our daily lives is almost unavoidable.

We carry a plenty of electrical equipment, from chargers for your phones and other devices, cables for your TV or audio system, and wiring devices like extension cords, power strips and power adapters for improving your home.


Harvesting energy from the sun is one of the greatest ways the world can conserve energy, and it’s never been more possible than it is right now. Solar panels offer a fantastic alternative energy source; our offering focuses on lighting and maximizing its efficiency.