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Décor/vanity light bulbs serve a dual purpose: providing bright, functional light while also looking beautiful and accentuating your décor and the decorative fixtures you have in your home. There are many different kinds, and they’re used in everything from your bathroom vanity to that Swedish candelabra you display on the mantel each Christmas.

One of the most common types of décor bulbs is the candelabra bulb. These bulbs come in either B, C or F-style, for blunt, candle or flame. Blunt style décor bulbs don’t have the pointed ends that many décor bulbs have, and instead their tips come to a round, soft point. These bulbs are commonly found in chandeliers and inside wall sconces and decorative fixtures. C-style bulbs have a curled end that is meant to resemble the flame of a candle, and are popularly used in vintage-style fixtures or fixtures with exposed bulbs. C-style bulbs come in several different colors and finishes including amber, gold, spun glass, frosted, and more. We even carry “flicker flame” C-style bulbs with a realistic flickering effect to accent your lanterns and retro lamps. F-style bulbs are larger and rounder than other candelabra bulbs and are perfect in sconces and many other fixtures you likely have around your home. Globe style decor bulbs are common in makeup mirrors and bathroom vanities, and come in many different sizes and color temperatures. Our novelty category features uniquely shaped bulbs including stars, swirls, prisms, and more.

Look no further than our décor/vanity section for beautiful yet functional lighting for every application!