Christmas Ornaments Customer Reviews

All of our Christmas Ornaments are Shatterproof!

History of Christmas Ornaments

As with most traditions around the holiday season, Christmas ornaments origins had more meaning for people than they do today. They are said to go back as far as the 16th century where in Germany they used apples to decorate evergreen trees. These trees were referred to as paradise trees as they were used in church plays to represent the forbidden tree recorded in the Bible.

Years later evergreen trees were decorated with candles and pastries in various shapes such as angels and flowers. Paper streamers and berries were introduced as decorations a while later.

While it is unclear what year glass ornaments were invented, what is certain is that they were invented by the glassblower Hans Greiner. It is said that he couldn’t afford apples for decorations one year and so decided to make his own with the resources he had on hand which was of course glass. People took notice and began to order their own glass ornaments causing them to become more common in Germany.

Glass ornaments didn’t spread much to the outside world until the 1880s when a certain F.W. Woolworth visited Germany and decided to import the glass ornaments to his Woolworth stores. It was a good decision as he did very well in selling them and thanks to him glass ornaments are still around today.

Today glass ornaments are not quite as popular as they used to be due to their fragile design not being safe around children and pets. Throughout the years many decorations have been made with different materials such as silk and wool to address this problem and add a bit of whimsy to the tree. With the invention of shatterproof ornaments decorating became much easier as the ornament shape stayed intact with the added safety for family members.

How Many Ornaments Should I Use?

The amount of ornaments you use on your tree is ultimately decided by your own preference but if you’re looking for an exact number that can quickly calculated. One of the easiest ways is to multiply the height of your tree by 10 so for example a 6 foot tree would need around 60 ornaments.

Another way is to hang about 10-15 ornaments per foot of tree. If you aren’t sure which one to use or are looking for something more specific to your tree, there is a Christmas tree bauble calculator that can help.

Decorating with Christmas Ornaments

The tradition of gathering around the tree with family and hanging up treasured ornaments is something many of us look forward to each year, so make sure you have the Christmas ornaments and decorations you need to keep the tradition going!

We have dozens of styles of ornaments and decorations for both indoor and outdoor use. Popular ornament shapes include balls, candy, icicles, finials, and diamonds, as well as less traditional styles like fruit, filigree, and drops.

For an outdoor themed tree we have pine cones, snowflakes, and picks/sprays of floral arrangements. We carry all of these ornaments in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including both matte and glossy.

If you are looking for more options, garlands and tinsel are ever-popular ways to add a little sparkle and shine to your tree. You can also make sure that your Christmas tree is decked out from top to bottom with our wide selection of tree skirts, toppers, and light strands.

What to Do with Extra Christmas Ornaments

When your tree just can’t hold any more ornaments there are several ways to incorporate them into your holiday décor so they don’t have to go to waste! One of the most popular ways to use them is to create a centerpiece by filling a bowl with ornaments and adding any other touches that would fit your décor such as pine cones or a micro light strand to add shine.

You can attach ornaments to garlands that aren’t pre-decorated and are hanging around doorways or mantels. The ornaments accent the evergreen colors beautifully and especially the pre-lit garlands as the lights reflect off them. For a similar effect you can also attach them to wreaths and outdoor greenery displays.

Depending on the size of the ornaments, with a bit of ribbon they can be independent decorations by hanging them in strategic places such as the window or from floating shelves. They can also be used in clusters for a door decoration or a DIY wreath.