Christmas String Lights Customer Reviews

How Many Lights Should I Use?

There is no magic number of lights to use for your décor it ultimately relies on your preference! If you are wanting a brightly or dimly lit home, we offer many light strands of different lengths to choose from and they all have a wide range of lights from 10 to 300.

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree experts disagree on how many should be used but one of the most popular rules is to calculate 100 lights for every foot and a half of the tree. If you are wanting to make sure you have the exact right number of lights on your tree there is a calculator made specifically for your tree.

How Many Strands Can Be Connected?

Many of our string lights already have the information listed regarding the amount that can be connected at one time but for the ones that don’t it can be calculated by type and wattage.

Incandescent light strands can be connected 3 times so make sure that if you are wanting more lights to have multiple outlets. Because of their lower wattage many of our LED miniature light strands can be connected up to 43 times. The popular C7 and C9 LED light strands can be connected up to 80 times!

The proper way to connect your light strands after choosing what type you want is by attaching them from the plug end to the socket end of the next light strand. Once you have it to the appropriate length that you’re looking for it can be plugged into the wall socket.

Decorating with Christmas String Lights

There are so many ways to decorate with lights the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Whether you want to decorate indoors, outdoors, or both we have everything you need to make this the perfect holiday season.


LED Christmas lights are becoming more and more popular as people seek out more energy-efficient lighting options. LED lights come in all the classic shapes the traditional incandescent lights come in and are offered in the same wide array of festive colors.

Micro-LED strings have become a popular option for decorating with Christmas lights year-round, and are commonly seen in smaller holiday displays such as villages or miniature trees. They can be fun to use in vases or around centerpieces as well.

Because LED lights are cool to the touch they can be put in enclosed areas that may not be suitable for other lights such as behind picture frames or wrapped at the base of decorative trees. For even more flexibility we also offer some beautiful LED battery operated light strands.


Standard incandescent lights are a popular choice for decorating homes, businesses and Christmas trees as they give off a soft glowing light. These lights come in several classic shapes including the ever-popular miniature/M5, as well as C7, C9, globe, and icicle, as well as whimsical nostalgic and novelty shapes.

It is important to note that incandescents produce more heat than LEDs so keeping these lights strands in a ventilated area is ideal. Archways and windows are common places for these lights as well as outdoors if they are outdoors rated.

Empty Strings

Bypass the bulb type completely with empty string sets! These sets give you freedom to customize the length and bulb color to your specifications. Be sure to look into our Christmas replacement bulbs to find what you are looking for.