Christmas Light Replacement Bulbs Customer Reviews

How Long Do LED Christmas Bulbs Last?

No light bulb lasts forever, but LED bulbs have a major advantage over traditional incandescents with their much longer life span. On average, an LED Christmas light string lasts around 50,000 hours, which is about 50 times longer than an incandescent strand! In a test of 4,000 hours of operation LED bulbs did not burn out, whereas 1-2 bulbs per strand were burnt out on a standard string light.

When decorating for Christmas temperature is an important thing to consider. If you plan to use your lights inside and are concerned about a child or pet touching the lights, LEDs are a nice safety choice because they stay cool. When it comes to outdoor temperatures LED strings turn on and operate smoothly in cold weather.

Choosing between LED and incandescent Christmas string lights no longer means sacrificing your decorative vision. Whether LED or traditional, there are many styles and color of bulb to choose from either way.

You may pay more for an LED light string, but the savings broken down over their longer lifetime, greater energy efficiency, improved safety and other benefits make LED a great choice.

Is It Safe to Use Christmas Lights with a Broken Bulb?

If you have a bulb that is broken it might be unsafe to continue using your string set. This depends on what style of string set you have. When in doubt, unplug your string set and clean up the broken bulb.

How to Find Burnt Out Christmas Lights

LED string lights tend to have a parallel circuit, which means when one bulb burns out the rest of the string stays lit. You’ll be able to plug in your light string, identify which bulb (or bulbs) does not light, and replace those specifically.

With some light strings, when one bulb burns out a large portion of the string stops working. This style of string light uses a closed circuit, so a burnt-out bulb breaks the flow of electricity. The first bulb that is unlit tends to be causing the problem; replace that bulb to test the light string.

If the entire string will not light, you probably need to replace the set itself as changing one bulb is unlikely to help.

How to Find Burnt Out Christmas Lights

Changing a bulb in a Christmas light string is not too different than changing common household bulbs. Be sure your lights are unplugged before you start replacing any bulbs. It is also a good idea to wear a pair of protective gloves with Christmas string lights.

After unplugging the lights, grasp the bulb you want to change between your index finger and thumb. Check to see whether the base of the bulb is connected to the socket or inside of it. If the bulb is inside the socket pull straight up. If the bulb is connected to the socket, twist the base.

When replacing a bulb that is broken the procedure is a bit different. Instead of removing the bulb with your hands, use a needle-nose pliers to pull the bulb from the socket.

Once the bulb has been taken off the strand, simply take the replacement and reverse what you did to take the old bulb out. For bulbs inside the socket firmly push the replacement into the socket. For bulbs connected to the socket, twist the bulb in until firm.