Christmas Garlands Customer Reviews

History of Christmas Garlands

Christmas garlands date back to an earlier century when the winter solstice was a more significant event than it is today. As it is the shortest day of the year, it was the cause of unease for many people. As a result, they would decorate their homes with evergreen branches as a source of comfort to remind themselves that the winter would pass.

The first European settlers arriving in America brought the Christmas garland tradition with them. They would take spruce or fir branches and twist them until they became flexible enough to shape into decorations. For many families, garlands became a source of income as they would shape the branches and sometimes decorate them with holly berries and sell them to neighboring homes.

With the rise of artificial nature décor, Christmas garlands today aren’t the evergreen branches they used to be - but there are far more options for decorating. Artificial garlands can also stay beautiful for years, and there is the added benefit that clean up is minimal compared to the real thing. With our selection, you should be able to find the perfect garland for your holiday decorating this year!

How Much Garland Do I Need?

Depending on the location you’re looking to hang garland, the amount you’ll need will vary. Here are a few popular places to hang Christmas garland, and our recommendations for amount needed:

Christmas Tree

Christmas garlands are a great festive touch to Christmas trees, and we offer a wide selection of lengths. The best way to calculate the length of Christmas garland that you need for your tree is to set a rule of nine feet of garland per one foot of tree. So, for example if your tree is 6’ tall then you will need a 54’ garland. It also never hurts to add a couple of feet for extra flexibility.


For a festive feel throughout the house, staircase banisters are a great décor spot for Christmas garlands. The length of the garland depends on how you want to arrange it. For instance, to drape a garland, the length should be calculated as the length of the banister x1.5. Another way is to wrap the garland around the banister and the measurements would be the length plus the height of the newel post doubled.


Doorways are the first impression guests have of your home, so make sure you have the perfect Christmas garland to welcome them!

Nine feet is the standard length of a garland that we offer, but it is important to measure the space where it is needed first. If you are looking for a garland for an arched doorway, then the measurements should be the height of the doorway x2 added to the width x1.5. For a standard doorway it should be calculated by the height x2 plus the width.


Fireplace mantels can be for more than just stockings! We offer many garlands that would be the perfect style to fit on your mantel for the holidays. The length that you need can be calculated by measuring the width x1.5.

How to Decorate with Christmas Garlands

There are many ways to decorate with pre-lit or unlit Christmas garlands, and this holiday season you can have your pick of whatever style you’re looking for!

One of our popular garland types is traditional green which is made to look like a realistic evergreen branch. For a rustic touch several of these come with pine cones and a few come with berries attached as well. A favorite way to decorate with these is draped over the fireplace mantel with the stockings hanging below. For flair, a length of ribbon or a beaded garland wrapped around is a perfect addition.

If you are looking for a statement piece we offer both frosted and flocked garlands that bring a winter wonderland feel to the house. Pre-lit versions of these garlands are especially lovely as the lights against the flocking creates a warm glow.

For a pop of color, we have a wide selection of colored garlands that are fun in any holiday décor. And if a bit of sparkle is needed in there are different shades of gold and silver to choose from. If you are looking for a classier garland, champagne colors are a perfect option.

Christmas garlands are beautiful on their own, but they can be accented by other décor such as ornaments and string lights. While there are several pre-decorated garlands on our site there are several plain ones that can be decorated in any way. Wrapping the garland around candles adds a warm glow to the home, and with our flameless candles you can get safety as well as beauty. For more artificial greenery to match your garland we offer wreaths, teardrop arrangements, and picks/sprays.