Christmas Decorations Customer Reviews

When to Put Up Christmas Decorations

Every year people debate over when the Christmas season officially starts. Some say the minute Halloween is over, it’s time to put up the tree; others mark the start of the season with Black Friday.

This debate was taken up by two writers for The Oprah Magazine. Their article included a poll, currently showing decorating after Thanksgiving to be slightly preferred over decorating after Halloween.

There are some superstitions about when decorations should go up and come down for the Christmas season. Most of these are centuries old, such as the belief that decorating the home before Christmas Eve invites evil spirits into the house. Since most people decorate between November 1st and late December, this superstition is no longer believed.

Ultimately you choose when to decorate for Christmas. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to put up your outdoor lights before the first snow flies. You can always wait to turn the lights on until later in the season.

As fun as holiday decorations are, they eventually have to come down. Most people take their decorations down after the New Years holiday, but as with putting decorations up when to take them down is all about your preference.

Cost of Decorating for Christmas

How much money you spend decorating for Christmas really depends on how much you want to decorate, and whether you reuse decorations from year to year.

No matter how you decorate, it is cheaper to put up the decorations yourself. Having a professional decoration costs an average of $400, which usually does not include the cost of the decorations.

How to Decorate for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is one way to get into the Christmas spirit. Having traditions to look forward to early in the holiday season is another helpful way to get into the festivities. If you're looking for ideas to get into the holiday spirit, see what activities are going on in your area.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate for Christmas - it is all about your personal style and taste. However, if you’re looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to help you get started.

For outdoor decorations, it is helpful to think of something that will look good both day and night. Hang an outdoor-safe wreath on your front door and drape string lights over small trees or bushes for a minimalist look that makes sense all winter long. Or go all out with a massive light display, using everything from lit window decor and string sets to lighted sculptures, lawn stakes, and giant bows.

To go the traditional route, pick a plain green tree that is a good height for your ceiling. Make the tree shine with multi-color lights and various shapes and colors of ornaments. Bring this vibe throughout your home with other greenery, stocking, lanterns, and much more.

Create a color theme display for a different look on familiar decorations. Dream of a white Christmas by pairing a white tree with blue ornaments or silver ornaments on a blue tree. Make a bright statement with a red tree and white ornaments; with our colored trees the options are just about endless.

Other themed looks take the traditions of Christmas into decorations. Give your tree the feel of a gingerbread house with candy ornaments. Decorate a traditional tree with old-fashioned mercury style ornaments and dancers for a Nutcracker Christmas.

For a look that will be the talk of any holiday party, decorate with unique novelty products. Create a very personalized display from string sets that showcase your interests, hobbies, or even your favorite sports team - to tree toppers of your favorite movie characters.