Flameless and Traditional Candles Customer Reviews

How Long Do Flameless Candles Last?

The vast majority of our candles are battery-operated so the flameless candle lasts as long as the battery does. Aside from changing the battery, the LED in the candle typically lasts about 100,000 hours - basically as long as you could possibly want the candle. Smaller tealight candles do not typically last quite as long, but can be used for many years.

Some of our candles come with the battery needed to operate the candle. If your candle does not come with batteries, or the batteries have worn out, we have the size battery you need.

Decorating with Flameless Candles

The options for decorating with flameless candles are just about endless! Some are scented and made of wax, so they could be used in the same way you would use a traditional candle. Fun decorative candles can also be placed inside lanterns.

Another great use for candles is holidays and special occasions. Swedish candelabras / candlesticks and taper candles are very popular for Christmas. For a decorative look using many candles—especially popular for weddings—tea lights or votive candles are a great option.