Bubble Lights - Vintage Christmas Bubble Lights Customer Reviews

History of Bubble Lights

Christmas bubble lights were first introduced to the public by NOMA Electric Corporation in 1946 and were met with high success. The candle-shaped light was a perfect cost-effective option for many people who wanted to add something special to their tree. The bubbling effect was created by heating methylene chloride to a low boiling point inside the glass tube of the light. Because of this detail these lights were revolutionary for their time and swept the nation in popularity until 1950.

A competing company called Raylite decided to create bubble lights with a longer glass tube and made the bubbling solution out of oil and pumice unlike NOMA. The new mixture made the lights fizz like champagne and were highly sought after. They eventually discontinued these lights and replaced them with traditional bubble lights made with methylene chloride mixture.

While bubble lights have dropped in popularity since the 1940s they are still a beautiful novelty option today. They are still made in a candle shape and come in a wide variety of colors. These lights are the perfect way to bring nostalgia to your Christmas décor!

How Do Bubble Lights Work?

The way bubble lights are designed are necessary for how they work. It is created in the shape of a candle with a wide plastic base and a glass tubular vial in the middle. They are made as a screw in bulb with either an E10 or E12 base making them versatile in applications like empty light strands and night lights.

The liquid inside the glass tube is almost always methylene chloride that is heated to a low boil. The light comes from the base shining up into the glass and illuminating the bubbles. They must be kept upright when being operated and some might even need to be tapped to help get them started.

It is important to note that the liquid in bubble lights is not safe for humans or pets, so make sure, when they are not in use, to keep them in secure locations. If they do break, allow the fumes some time to air out before cleaning up. Bubble lights are as safe as any ornament as long as they are stored and handled properly, so be sure to handle them with care this holiday season.

Can Bubble Lights Be Replaced?

Bubble lights can be easily replaced since they are screw in bulbs. These lights are great cost savings because like LED light strands if one light goes out, the other lights on the strand are not affected. You can replace it with our wide selection of bubble light bulbs in different colors and styles to match the missing bulb, so the Christmas lights can keep shining on.

How to Decorate with Bubble Lights

Liven up your Christmas tree with colorful bubble lights! Bubble light strands are easy to decorate with, simply wrap them around the tree and turn them on. The bubbling light creates a warm glow for the entire room that can’t be found in other lights. For even more nostalgia you can add tinsel or garland to the tree to offset the lights.

Bubble lights also look great as centerpieces on the table or on a TV stand. They can even be used on window sills so the long tradition of putting candles in the window can now be done beautifully and safely. Glitter bubble lights are a perfect statement bulb for these applications as it adds sparkle to the animation.

One of the most enjoyable ways to decorate with bubble lights is to use them as night lights. We offer several styles of night lights from Christmas trees to cardinals and all of them come with their own bubble light to use. They are a perfect way to keep the holiday spirit going day and night!