Looking to illuminate your special evening? Different styles of lighting are significant when it comes to wedding entertainment and aesthetics.


Wedding lights are an important part of establishing a magnificent and charming aesthetic. From string lights to beautiful fixtures, there are many different options to choose from that are unique to the style you might be looking for. 


Unique Styles of Lighting



String Lights 

Dragging across string lights either from the ceiling or around the room brings the space together in a creative way. Similarly, warm lighting creates a more relaxing and fun environment great for enjoying each other’s company. Additionally, adding white drapes with string lights is another eye-catching appearance that takes away from a dull and empty looking reception. 


PRO TIP: Mix Garlands with String Lights 

Garlands are an excellent way of bringing the outdoors indoor. This natural aesthetic ties in wonderfully with small string lights mixed in. There are many ways to decorate it like draping them across the table or on the walls. Also, this easy and quick set up is affordable if you’re not looking to spend a fortune. 




If you’re looking for something more classy, hanging a fixture over a decorated table is a beautiful way to make a statement at the wedding reception. There are many ways to go about decorating a fixture whether it is a candelabra or chandelier. Adding greenery or even small flowers on it creates an extravagant look while lighting up the room. 


Candles and Candelabras 

Let’s not forget about lighting up tables during the reception. Warm lit taper candles or candelabras make for a perfect centerpiece especially if you combine it with bouquets of flowers and artificial or dried and preserved foliage.



Light Up Glass Jars 

Stringing a ceiling of lit mason jars in an outdoor setting incorporates a minimalistic and elegant feel especially with a warm color temperature. Not to mention, they are inexpensive and always a fun addition for the dancing scene during the reception.  




Illuminate the outside by providing a unique style of lanterns. For a more bohemian and artistic look, bamboo lanterns are a stunning choice especially when is gets dark out. Whether they are strung over tables at the reception or the celling of the dance floor, your guests will love the look of these. Round LED lanterns patterned or not are another option and even come with different colors.


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What You Should Know Before Choosing Lights For Your Wedding


  • Purchase LEDs: They are energy savers, cost-effective, and generally have a very long-life span. Not to mention, these bulbs provide natural looking light and are vibrant in color.


  • Lighting vendors or designers: Make sure you find the right lighting vendor that works well with the aesthetic and is professional for what you’re going for. With designers, it’s important to see their work to and ensure they have decent experience. Similarly, a good designer also should understand how you want the space to look.


  • Evaluate the space of your venue: Once you’ve found a place to host your wedding and reception, make sure you scope out the area you will be working with before creating any lighting plans.


  • Compliment colors in the room: It’s best to choose lighting that looks nice with, doesn’t overpower, and compliments the colors around the room. Neutral colors are always the way to go and generally work well with any room setting.




Designing the vision of how you want your perfect wedding to go can be overwhelming. However, knowledge of the right lighting styles and how to incorporate them will ease this process and make for a beautiful space that your guests will love.