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Gerson 10' 20 Light Battery Operated Silver Striped Cube LED Light String with Timer
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Gerson 10' 30 Warm White Lights Battery Operated LED Light String Set
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Brite Star 10 Light 5.5' Green Wire Battery Operated Multi-Color LED Star Light String with Timer
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Why Use Battery Operated Christmas Lights?

As electricity prices go up, there is one major need that can’t be sacrificed: lighting. Battery operated string lights are not only a beautiful addition to décor, but they are also inexpensive and a breeze to use.

You will finally have flexibility as you will never have to be concerned about finding outlets and hiding the plugs. Electrical outages aren’t a problem when it comes to lighting because with these string lights your house can stay lit as long as you need.

Weddings, parties, graduations and holidays are only a few applications for LED string lights. When it comes to home décor, these lights are perfect for doorways, windows, arches, dorms, porches and much more. Decorating your home for Christmas will be easy as these versatile lights can fit in just about anywhere from wreaths to Christmas trees.

How Long do Battery Operated LED String Lights Last?

LED battery operated lights typically last 18-24 hours before needing the batteries replaced. However, if you are looking for something else we carry a few different kinds of USB powered lights that have a rechargeable option, as well as rechargeable batteries.

Types of Battery Powered Lights

When it comes to décor, we offer many options that are battery operated. As well as LED light strings, we also carry incandescent versions, so you can have your pick of styles such as clips, micro/miniature, wide angle and many more.

If you are looking for décor, we have a wide variety of battery operated candles such as tea lights, votives and wax textured that are a lovely addition to any home. Battery operated letters are fun for spelling out words or initials and they come in different materials such as silver or wood. Lighted branches offer beauty to any room and we carry several styles, like willow branches and twigs, that are battery operated so they can be moved wherever you need them.

How to Use Battery Operated Christmas Lights

To install your LED light string, insert the batteries in the battery pack and turn on the switch. That’s all!

Most of our light strings come with a timer feature that you can set so the lights turn on for a certain number of hours which prolongs the battery life and does all the work for you. The most commonly used battery is AA but there are few string lights that use D or AAA. We have a wide selection of all kinds of batteries including rechargeable batteries to help with your decision.