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While certainly not the most exciting aspect of lighting, we all use ballasts in some way. Anywhere you see fluorescent tubes, LED tubes, or High Intensity Discharge bulbs, you can be certain a ballast is near, powering the bulbs that are giving you light. Fluorescent and HID lighting just won’t work without a ballast, and the same is true for new LED tubes and the LED drivers that power them. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re getting the right ballast for your fixtures.

When it comes to ballasts, fluorescent is the most widely used. Common tubes sizes include T8, T5, and T12, and we also carry ballasts for compact fluorescent bulbs as well. High Intensity Discharge bulbs are typically found in large areas that require a lot of concentrated light, like stadiums, arenas and large parking lots, so it’s especially important that they have reliable ballasts to power them. Whether you use metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs, we have the HID ballasts you need.

Other kinds of ballasts include low voltage incandescent and neon. After you’ve chosen your perfect ballast, you may need to purchase additional accessories, like starters, capacitators, ignitors, dimming controls, or converter kits. And when your ballast finally needs to be replaced, you’ll want to look into ballast recycling kits to make sure you’re being environmentally responsible. Whatever your need, we carry a full line for every application.