Artificial Christmas Trees Customer Reviews

History of the "Fake" Christmas Tree

Most sources trace the origins of artificial Christmas trees back to 1880s Germany. Early fake trees are quite different from what we think of with fake trees today since they were made of goose feathers dyed green. A goose feather tree could not support much weight, so in the early 1900s, the Addis Brush Company used the structure of their toilet brush to create their version of the artificial Christmas tree.

Despite these early attempts, artificial Christmas trees were rarely seen in homes until the 1960s when silver aluminum pine trees were popular. This led to the modern fake Christmas tree trend we are most familiar with, which began in the late 1990s.

How Do I Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Since Christmas trees are decorative products, choosing a fake Christmas tree is all about the style you want in your home. The selection process is much like choosing a live tree, but with added convenience and other benefits when the tree is home.

For the look of a tree from a tree farm, choose one of our traditional trees. These are the green style of various evergreen trees and many include lights.

If you want your home to have an especially wintry feel, take a look at our flocked and frosted trees. Flocked and frosted styles bring the look of a fresh coat of snow to your tree.

Really step outside the box with colored trees. These are great for creating a specific theme and making your space stand out.

Aside from the style of the Christmas tree, the most important thing to keep in mind is how tall you want your tree to be. Most decorators recommend leaving .5-1.5 feet between your ceiling and the top of the tree, though you can of course go shorter.

For example, a 7.5-foot tree would work well with 9-foot ceilings, whereas a 20-foot ceiling would look better with an 18.5-foot tree. If you plan to use a tree topper, be sure to leave enough room for that.

If you are particularly limited on space, try a different tree shape. Half trees are ideal for corners or up against walls because they have the appearance of a traditional tree while taking up less space. Upside down fake trees are sometimes seen in apartments and create a unique atmosphere.

How Long Do Artificial Christmas Trees Last?

There are many benefits of artificial Christmas trees, most notably how long they last. A real tree will last through the Christmas season with proper care and some luck, but Vickerman fake trees typically last anywhere from 5-10 years. This changes when buying a prelit tree since the lights do not last as long as the tree.

Buying a fake Christmas tree saves money. Though the initial cost may be more than you would spend on a real tree, artificial trees lasts for several years, so you are spending less money than buying a real tree every year.

The environmental impact of fake vs. real Christmas trees is still up for debate. Artificial trees are reused for several years - more environmentally friendly than using a real tree for one year. However, most artificial trees are shipped to the U.S. from China, whereas people typically buy real trees locally, meaning the environmental impact of getting the tree to consumers is much larger for fake trees.

When you are buying an artificial Christmas tree, you are buying a convenient experience. The Vickerman trees we sell are easy to set up, and we have a video demonstration of this if you have any questions. You also don’t have to struggle getting the tree home, through your front door, or a big clean up afterwards as with real trees.

How to Dispose of Your Old Artificial Tree

Though artificial Christmas trees last for many seasons, they eventually wear out. Most fake trees can simply be disassembled and thrown in the garbage, but if you have any questions about this check local rules.

If your tree is still in good condition and you just plan to get a new tree for next season, many places will take artificial trees as donations. Bring your fake tree to a secondhand store, or check with local businesses and charities to see if they would like it!

Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree sets the tone for the decor in your space. Create a snowy scene with our flocked or frosted trees, or go the traditional route.

You can really make your space stand out with a colored tree - we have just about every color of the rainbow!

All these trees come in an extensive variety of heights, and many have the added convenience of being pre-lit.

Products to Decorate Your Tree

Take care of decorating your tree from top to bottom all in one spot! We have tree skirts, tree toppers, and everything in between to decorate your tree.

Ornaments and string lights are a vital part of holiday decor. There are a lot more ornament options than the round ball ornaments we all know and love. We offer onion, finial, diamond, and drop style ornaments to name a few. For ornaments to add an outdoor touch to your tree, check out our selection of pine cone, snowflake, and icicle ornaments.

When it comes to string sets, whether you are looking for an LED or incandescent option, we have lots to choose from. No outlet, no problem; try battery-operated Christmas lights for added flexibility. These string sets all come in classic shapes and colors, or switch it up with just about any color light strand.

We also have many options to decorate your home beyond your tree. Spread greenery throughout the house with a wreath, use a Christmas lantern for an extra personal touch, and complete your home’s look with any of our other decorations.