Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs Customer Reviews

What are Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs?

The idea behind Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs is to replicate early light bulbs and their subtler illumination. Non-LED Antique Filament Light Bulbs are also available, but with LED technology, the energy efficiency is maximized. Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs are incredibly popular designer light bulbs used mostly for decoration and accent. They are most commonly found in restaurants, bars and other social gathering places. Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs come in all the common shapes and sizes of regular bulbs! Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs offer a unique experience by giving off a more ambient, subtle light - unlike the standard LED light bulb. These bulbs have intricate filament shapes that lightly glow when the bulb is on.

Types of Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of styles and shapes of Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs.


Edison shaped bulbs are wider at the top and narrower at the base and are characterized by the long and extensive filament inside. This was the first and most popular shape of light bulb at the turn of the 20th century.


Victorian shaped bulbs offer a more traditional appearance not dissimilar to the A-shaped line of light bulbs.

Decorative / Chandelier

Decorative / Chandelier-shaped bulbs are generally smaller and used in smaller sockets, and therefore, give off less light. They come in many models like candle-tip, blunt tip and even flame tip shapes.


Globe shaped bulbs, like the rest of these models, come in all the same shapes and sizes regular light bulbs come in, and offer unique vibes and illumination with different filament shapes.


Tubular shaped bulbs come in many different elongated and cylindrical forms perfect for any antique décor applications.


Oversize Antique Filament LED Light Bulbs are fun because of their great size, unique shapes and awesome filaments. From glacier bulbs to hanging bottles, these bulbs will bring a tremendous flare to any application.